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How to Find the Best Home Inspection Services

Home inspections are exciting; they provide you with the chance to go inside a home and confirm it is what you thought. Inspections can be either exciting, fun, or exhausting. An inspection tells you about the home’s strengths and flaws, as well as what its needs in maintenance are. Most importantly, it is your new homeowner’s manual including a schedule for regular checks and assessments. Expect to do some prep work before the inspection, first by making a list of things that need to be checked off with your checklist. You can use this reliable guide on the tour day or when looking for homes for sale. It is also a great tool for determining which townhomes to pre-inspect or pass on altogether.

If you want to find an inspector, it is best to hire a licensed professional who will conduct a thorough inspection. Your real estate agent may give you recommendations for inspectors, but you can also do your research. There are lists of inspectors on online rating sites. After researching and vetting multiple contractors, you’ll need to decide how much you can spend for the service to make sure they will perform a thorough examination. You will want to confirm whether the following types of inspections are included in the price: lead paint, asbestos in ceiling tiles, etc.

It is best that you use a checklist to help you understand what to look for during the home inspection. If any of these things are not included in the inspection report, ask why. You should ask your real estate agent what the seller’s disclosure statement includes, as listings will require documents with different disclosures. Some of the things to check for include work that has not been permitted, which can be an issue if you later remodel. Even if this is not on your mind right now, it is still essential to inspect electrical and plumbing work.

Schedule an entire morning or afternoon so that the inspection happens slowly, and it’s not rushed. Agents representing you or the seller should be around to answer any inquiries the home inspector might have. Follow along as much as you can without going into crawlspaces to look at places where they wear protective clothing that is just for that task. Keep in mind that you’re not pestering anyone when you go and ask for more details about your house, which should also be included in the final report. Pictures will also be provided in this report together with explanations of your home’s systems and maintenance tips.

Inspectors will only find things they can see without tearing down walls. Inspectors won’t pay for hidden problems unless they missed them. Make sure to read your contract so that you know what the inspector will and won’t be responsible for. The worst scenarios that property owners should worry about are structural failures and home condemnations. Those problems could lead to major legal issues, so it’s always a good idea to talk to lawyers before you make any final decisions. Minor problems, like a leaky faucet, can be fixed easily and they should not worry you.

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